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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Irish Beer (Ain't Green)

As you all know, St. Paddy's is just a week away. For the occasion, I have tracked down three Irish beers for review: Wexford Irish Cream Ale, Smithwick's, and the old standby, Harp. I'll follow these up with the stouts--Beamish, Guinness (draught and extra stout), and Murphy's (if I can find it). I may even try my hand at a black and tan.



  1. Aren't you supposed to use Bass pale for a proper Black and Tan? And what about Irish Car Bombs (shots of Beamish or Jameson in a pint of Guinness- Drink Quick!)?

  2. Bass seems to have the inside track on black and tans now, but I can't believe it's the historical model. Seems like a creamy Irish ale would do better than an English ale.

    Car bombs...well, maybe not.