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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Lists

Jon at The Brew Site shot me an email last week to encourage me to join in his conversation about "Fifty beers to drink before you die." I have meant to get to it, but I've been a bit tardy. Truth is, the task is daunting. Jon breaks his into ten categories, which goes to show how restrictive a list is with even fifty beers. You could select regions of the world and be limited to a handful each, which seems a little harsh; or you could go through each style and select one for each--with subcategories (brown porter, robust porter), you'd run out of slots before you ran out of styles.

Meanwhile, I've been getting an increasing number of emails from out-of-towners headed West who want to know where they should go and what they should drink when they get here. It got me thinking that maybe I should do a "best of" series that is focused on the pubs, breweries, beers, and brewpubs in Beervana. So that's the plan.

(The implementation, of course, is another matter.)


  1. That's it!?

    Well.... I guess I can die a happy man, I've had everything on that list and probably 10X more.... I could drink through 60% of that list at Old Chicago.... ;-}

  2. good man Jeff, even i can't remember all the good spots to go drinking. that would be a fine addition.

  3. Compiling a list of Best Oregon beers right now. Holler if there's a relatively obscure beer you think must go on the list.