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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Max's Fanno Creek Opening - May 5

Max Tieger, who was formerly the brewer at Tuck's (westside), has been working on his own new brewery down the road in Tigard. For those of us who have a hard time rousing ourselves to go further than walking distance for a beer, that seems like a trek, but apparently it's worth it (so goes the buzz on the Brew Crew listserv, anyway). So mark it on your calendar:
Max's Fanno Creek Brewery
12562 SW Main St., Tigard (directions)

Grand Opening, May 5th & 6th
11:30a – 11:30p

On tap will be:
  • Farmer's Daughter - Belgian Strong Ale, light in color, with coriander. Malty, not a big hoppy beer, and one of my favorites. 6.5% abv
  • Golden Ale - One of our lightest beers, dry-hopped with Crystal hops, this beer will keep you going all summer long. For a little variation, we sometimes will offer a Habanero Golden Ale. 5.0% abv
  • IPA - Nice hoppy Northwest style IPA, dry-hopped with Centennial and Cascade hops for a wonderful citrus aroma. Come try a sample glass! 5.5% abv
  • Nit Wit - Classic Belgian Wit (wheat) style. Smooth, well balanced example and one of the favorites from the "regulars" crowd. 5% abv
  • Stout - Big, bold and beautiful. 6.5% abv
  • Scottish 100 Shilling - Amber beer typical of the Scottish style - small to medium hop profile and nice malty flavor. Made with 2-row, Munich and Roasted Barley grains and Yakima Goldings hops. 6.5% abv
In honor of the Grand Opening, Max is tapping some special beers:
  • Aged Smoked Märzen - German amber lager beer / Octoberfest style made with 20% smoked German malts for a well-balanced and delightful beer. 5.3% abv
  • Year old Belgian Tripel - Grand-Cru style Belgian Ale, light in color, big on flavor. Malty, big beer, come in at 9% abv
  • 2 yr old Imperial Stout on Nitro - Very dark in color, big beer that ages well (we will have Imperial Stout over 1 year old on Nitro tap at the grand opening!). 9% abv
Some pretty fascinating beers there. Two year old stout for a new brewery--nice foresight, and a great way to christen the joint. The Farmer's Daughter, Tripel, and Smoked Märzen look to be worth a sip, too.

As always, holler if you go and let us know.


  1. I was so excited to go. Went there from SE. The IPA was just okay with a strange off aftertaste. The service was horrible. Waited 40 minutes for meal and had to chase down water and beer. It wasn't busy and staff were standing around, just not attentive. The food was horrible. Burger was cooked to a crisp on a dry bun with one tiny tomato. My stomach still hurts the next morning. I will not be returning and encourage others to spend their money elsewhere.

  2. I actually liked the pub quite a bit, I agree the service could improve, supposedly it is improving. The food is decent, but the beer is awesome.