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Thursday, May 03, 2007

National Homebrewing Day

Everyone who's remotely interested in beer tasting should take up homebrewing. I don't know of any other effective way to learn the subtleties of flavor and aroma than to start brewing. How hops interact with beer depending on when they're added to the boil, what makes a beer "tannic" or gives it mouthfeel--I suppose you can learn these things over time by drinking beer, but brewing is a crash course.

This Saturday is National Homebrew Day, and Steinbart's will be doing a free brewing demo starting at 9 am. I exhort you--go learn to brew!
FH Steinbart
234 SE 12th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97214 USA
Also, in celebration of NHD, homebrewers across the globe will offer a simultaneous toast to homebrewing and beer. It happens a bit early Oregon time, but you could take heart knowing that it's a respectable time to be drinking beer somewhere:
At [10am Pacific] time (18:00 Greenwich Mean Time), homebrewers raise their glass of homebrewed ales or lagers for a simultaneous toast to homebrewing . Homebrewers from North America, Europe, Africa, Asia , South America, Antarctica and Australia are expected to participate.
Maybe it will encourage you to have a breakfast beer to know that this is the tenth anniversary of the toast.


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