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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

P's and Q's

Just so you know, Beervana remains commerce-free. I got an offer to run an ad a couple of weeks ago, and then this came in the mail yesterday:
S. Smith wrote:


I am the webmaster of
I'm interested in an unbiased paid review
of my site in your site blog Please contact me if you are interested.

Thank you.

S. Smith

Dunno about you, but there seems to be a conflict of interest in paid and unbiased. So I'm passing. Beervana may have sloppy writing, be riddled with types typos, and offer occasionally suspect opinion. But at least you know it wasn't paid for.


Ninkasi is in stores now. I seen 'em--and unlike the Artesian-watchers of the 70s, I had a cell phone handy to capture the sighting:

That's the Belmont Station, and a rack devoted to the boys from Eugene. It's not cheap at $6-$8, but relatively cheap at $4.29/$6, given that they are pretty big beers.

[Note: I truncated this post and put the content in separate posts for clarity.]

[Note #2: Chris corrects my bad data about the Ninkasi price below. Further evidence that this is a pretty unprofessional outfit. But commercial-free! I have corrected it in the text now.]


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Actually, the $6-8 you quoted was the "dine in" bar price. They're priced "to go" at $4.29/bottle for the red and IPA, and $5.99 for the Double IPA. Not too shabby considering how much hops they squeezed into the bottles :)

  2. vkfqYou go, man! Beervana is the best, and non-commercial is even better...and that's spoken as one who took the king's shilling long ago...and what's a typo or two among beer drinkers?

  3. Thanks, John. HOwever, we shouldn't be too quick to shower me with kudos. I'd take the king's shilling in a second if it paid well enough. Content is just too easy to get free now, so content producers (ah, the good old days when we used to be called "writers") grab for pennies.

    As long as I can't make a living at Beervana (safe to say: permanently), it'll be ad-free. But if you're looking to retire and the O needs a replacement...