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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Brewpub - Captured by Porches

There is apparently a new brewpub slated to open in St. Johns "soon." The evocatively-titled Captured by Porches will be just south of the St. Johns Bridge on Highway 30 (5909 NW Saint Helens Road), with Forest Park on one side, and one of those industrial plants on the river side. But beyond this, I know only what they say at the Beer NW blog:
Help support one of Portland's newest (and smallest) craft breweries--Captured By Porches. This Saturday, May 10, CBP's brewer and owner, Dylan Goldsmith, will be hosting a party with local bands and a variety of CBP beer to help raise funds for his new brew pub, opening soon in St. John's (5909 NW Saint Helens Road). Enjoy the sounds of Schicky Gnarowitz, Hey Tiger, Deadpan Pariah, andMcDougall. Be there or be square.

Party is at Liberty Hall, 311 North Ivy Street, Portland. Doors 7pm, bands 8pm. $3 cover; 21 and over.
The website has no info. Anyone know anything?

(Oh, and a shout-out to Beer NW for finally getting a regular blog going. It looks to be a nice source of info, and I've linked it in the blogroll.)


  1. Hi Jeff:

    I'm fixing to post an article about Clinton Street Brewing; evidently the CBP brewer has been doing the Clinton beers lately. That's where you can for sure get CBP, though supposedly they have a couple dozen accounts around town. I've seen it at Green Dragon before.

    They may shut down the 2 barrel operation on Clinton and just brew in St. John's. I wasn't aware that there would be a pub on the St. John's end.

  2. From what i've heard CBP is the Clinton Street Brewing, that is what they just release the beers under. Sounds like maybe they are trying to expand it a bit. Maybe doubling their capacity to 30 gallons at a time, thats almost 1BBL!

  3. I met the brewer at Taste of the Nation. He said that the new brewpub is going to be called something to do with railroads...they are near the tracks.

    At TOTN, he was pouring beers for Clinton Street and they were much better than the Clinton Street of yore.

  4. if they're in the Johns they could call themselves 'Wrong Side of the Tracks'. hah.

  5. The Horsebrass has had a CBP selection on fairly regularly recently; they had the Wit until a couple of days ago, and the IPA is currently listed as 'up next'.

  6. They are in Linnton, not St. Johns, right?

  7. Thanks for all the updates, folks. Martin, click on the link for the address--it takes you to the Google Map. (I think it's South of the St Johns Bridge.)

  8. Weird. I didn't know that the boundaries for St. Johns extended to the west side of the river. Also, those little banners on the telephone poles in front of the brewery say "Welcome To Linnton" on them. I must be missing something.