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Monday, September 08, 2008


I believe I'll do very little today, culminating with a trip to my favorite local watering hole at four to watch my Pack dismember the vaunted Vikes. Nothing accompanies a locally-brewed IPA so well as three hours of Packertainment.

Update. That Rodgers kid is all right.


  1. Boy, ya seem ta know a lotta bout dem Packers, or do ya? I think ya know about having holes in you're head... ;}
    When your done having that local-IPA, why dont ya pontificate you're hack ego and giv us some dis-information on the style... and back it up, blogger boy!!!

  2. I really hope this is Dr. Work-directed satire. It's a dead ringer.

  3. Not bad! Except I'm not a dumb, back woods bumpkin. I was raised in a big city. Are you using a personal reflection?

    Other than that, I like the summary!