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Friday, January 22, 2010

Actual Email

"I went to Houndogs on Milwaukie for lunch. The special was a burger and beer for $3.75. I asked about it, thinking it would probably be a PBR or something but no. It was any pint on tap. So, for $4.50 I had a 1/2 pound burger with cheese and a pint of Obsidian Stout. My day has been improving ever since!"
Where is this Houndogs, and why don't I know about it?

I was out carousing in Sellwood the other night and noticed that venerable watering hole Terry’s Inn (4463 SE Milwaukie Ave) has reopened after being shuttered for two years. As longtime lushes can attest, Terry’s, a comfy dive that had been serving up Hamm’s and Budweiser since the Eisenhower administration, was a veritable wonderland of weird, kitschy decor.
These are the kinds of things unemployed bloggers need to know about.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, a cheap dive with kitschy decor in Portland? That must be quite a special find. ;-}