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Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Flick: Floor Malting

Today I have nice treat. This is a series on floor malting--the old-school method of malting barley that has died out in all but a few malteries in Britain. Some of them are at whisky distilleries, and that's where this footage comes from. However, except that the distiller uses peat to kiln their malt, the process is the same as with beer malt. I love especially that the kilns are old (200 years) and new (150 years). You can tell: they use coke to fire them, a fuel that was state-of-the art in about 1640. I doubt seriously Great Western is shoveling coke off railcar to fire their kilns. Anyway, here we go.

Part One: Floor Malting

Part Two: the Peat Fire

Part Three: The Kiln Floor

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