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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mighty Mites Taplist

As promised, I wanted to post a list of the beers and breweries that will be at Mighty Mites on Saturday (noon at Coaltion, 28th and Ankeny, bring an old mug or glass from another fest). I'm told there may also be a Cascade entry, but I haven't gotten the details on that yet. [Correction: description arrived, and I've updated it below.] This is pretty close to final.

As you can see, we have a couple of cheater sessions that are a nip over 5%. But we also have nine beers under 4%. Poor Ted Sobel will be confused to find that his beer isn't the smallest of the fest (though it will be the only cask pour). We got sours and smoked ales and saisons and lagers and wheats, a fully-organic ale, and two traditional small beers. It should be a very good time. Come out and join us, will you?

The Knoll, Beetje
A simple American pale ale made with 2-row pale and a host of specialty malts to help develop malt character that’s backed up by a healthy dose of hopping. This clean and refreshing ale is well suited for afternoon with friends.
3.8% ABV | 37 IBU | OG 1.040

Berliner Weisse, Block 15
This ale is light, refreshing, and deliciously sour. The main focus of this beer is thirst quenching acidity from lactobacillus, low alcohol, low hops, with a crisp wheat note and a touch of Brettanomyces. With a PH of 3.2 the beer is cleanly sour, crisp, and refreshing.
3.2% ABV

Farmhouse Grisette, Breakside
A farmhouse-style biere de table--a beer that might traditionally have been consumed by Belgian children. It is made with two types of wheat, a saison yeast, and German hops; it gains additional complexity from the use of sour wort. Our lightest beer ever is equally easy drinking and layered.
3.8% ABV | 12 IBU | OG 1.037

Little Sir John, Brewers Union Local 180 (cask)
An Ordinary (or Session) Bitter. Cask-conditioned in the true British tradition and served "Northern-Style" through a beer engine and sparkler. Bittered and flavored with a mix of English and West Coast aromatic hops: Willamette, Citra, Summit, East Kent Goldings and Simcoe. Designed for the three imperial pints per hour crowd. No sipping allowed.
3.4% ABV

Gratzer, Burnside Brewing
In the Gratzer, 600 pounds of white wheat is hand smoked over a blend of Apple and Mesquite wood, achieving a light toasted, nutty flavor with a finish that carries just a hint of smoke.
5.4% ABV | 9 IBU | OG

Spruced up Blond, Cascade
This one-off from the brewers is a spiced blond with spruce tips.Light crisp notes of grain and spice greet you in the nose. Refreshing hints of spruce combine with Vienna and Pilsner malts on the palate, while hints of spice and soft resin from the spruce tips linger in the finish. Servus!
5.01% ABV | 21 IBU

Wheat the People, Coalition
Wheat the people is an American Style wheat beer designed to satisfy a thirsty palate on a hot summer day. A ase of American 2 row and white wheat instill this beer with a crisp and refreshing taste while still maintaining the traditional body wheat beer is known for. Single hopped with a light touch of Northern Brewer, wheat the people is the ultimate easy drinking craft beer.
4.4% ABV | 13 IBU

Wu Cream Ale, Coalition
The Wu Cream ale is a light, malt forward beer with low bitterness. We added flaked barley to give the beer a soft mouthfeel to complement the sweetness of Munich and honey malt.
4.8% ABV | 29 IBU

Dapper Dan, Double Mountain
Dapper Dan is a true session ale in the British tradition, robust in flavor yet quite low in alcohol. Four different roasted malts add complexity, while our Kolsch yeast delivers its classic roundness and a restrained fruitiness. Brewed with Gambrinus Organic Pilsner and Dark Munich malt, imported brown, crystal and roasted malts, Warrior and Sterling hops.
3.5% ABV | 31 IBU

Working Girl Porter, Fort George
Our Panamax Porter is reborn with this new coffee porter named The Working Girl—brewed with the addition of over 5 lbs. of Working Girl coffee beans. The beans were put into both the mash tun and the kettle to create a light coffee aroma and coffee aftertaste in this diverse porter. With additional hints of chocolate and rye malt, this porter is well balanced and fantastic at any point in the day.
4.6% ABV

Little Dogs, Hair of the Dog
One of the oldest traditions in brewing is known as “small beer.” These are made when the grains from a high-gravity beer are reused, pulling out the remaining sugars in the mash. Hair of the Dog makes small beers from both Adam and Fred. Little Dog Fred is made with organic pilsner and rye malts; Little Dog Adam of organic pilsner, chocolate, black, and crystal malts.
3.2% ABV

Voodoo Mild, New Old Lompoc
This take on a traditional British Mild features pale, brown, chocolate and peat smoked malts and toasted barley flakes, UK challenger and US Willamette hops along with Nottingham English Ale yeast. Medium bodied with notes of chocolate and a hint of peat with a subdued hop bitterness.
3.4% ABV | 12 IBU | OG 1.036

“Oxymoronic” Organic IPA, Natian
This experimental beer is a fully organic beer. It uses 100% organic Palisade hops (most organic beers use conventional hops)—a new, unusual hop variety noted for its fruity character. The hopping rates are consistent with an IPA, but the beer is brewed at session strength. A little IPA? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Helles Belles, Ninkasi
Helles Belles is a crisp German lager with a lightly toasted clean malt flavor and body balanced by the addition of Spalt and Hallertau hops. These impart flavors and aromas that are grassy and subtly earthy in nature. This style is Bavaria’s national beer and defines drinkability to the people of Munich.
5.1% ABV | 22 IBU | OG 1.051

Lil' Smokey, Oakshire
This session porter has been made with a touch of smoked malt. Light bodied with hints of smoke, roast, and chocolate, Lil’ Smokey is just right for the dark beer lover in summertime.
3.2% ABV

Pure Wit, Upright
Upright’s take on a Belgian-style wit using coriander and a special bitter orange peel for aromatics along with a good portion of oats and both raw and malted wheat. Creamy, tart, and refreshing.
4.5% ABV


  1. Spelling correction: "Little Sir John". It's a reference from the old "John Barleycorn Must Die" tune.

  2. Man, I´m your fan... You really brings us every day the top new about beer and brewing. I enjoy it a lot. Really... I would send you some of mine if I could (I mean, if send beer by international mail weren´t
    Anyway... congrats for the blog. Visit mine when you have some spare time... it´s bilingual...

    Marco Piacentini /

  3. Ted, apologies. I've made the correction.

  4. I'd love to sample that tap list. Session beers really are quite rare in the US, nice to see people still appreciating them.

    You should make it out to Reno for CANFEST. There's a contest going on for beer bloggers, win a free trip including hotel and airfare!

  5. Of all the beer fests i've missed lately, i think this might be the one i'm most chagrin to miss. What an interesting line up. I hope at least some breweries keep making these Mighty Mites.

  6. Oh yeah. Can't wait. I may just allow myself an extra pint or two. Thanks.

  7. Jeff, thanks for helping promote/organize this fest. I went to most of the Portland beerfests this year (I think this was number 7 or so) and it was one of my favorites. I especially enjoyed Breakside's Grissete and Brewers Union's Little Sir John.