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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Guild Publc House Closes Today

My friend Jesse Cornett started the Guild Pub a bit under a year ago. It was a cool place with a great vibe, always had an excellent selection of the best local beer, but was, unfortunately, awkwardly located. The confluence of main roads has the virtue of putting lots of cars in proximity to your pub, but it cuts what would otherwise be a neighborhood pub off from its neighborhood. Parking was a problem, as was the largely commercial district to the west, which offered no base of walk-in traffic. I expect the Little Depression didn't help matters, either.

So Jesse's closing the doors this weekend. Today's the last day, and to add bittersweetness to the occasion, it's also his 36th birthday. To celebrate, he's selling Oakshire's Ill Tempered Gnome for $2 a pint and $5 for a growler. The growler deal extends to Vortex IPA or Natian's Old Grogham. $5. You can pop in now for the growlers, and the pub opens for regular business at four.

Here's Jesse on the closing:
After nearly a year in business, we’ve realized that we’re unable to continue the business if we’re going to have the lives we value.

I’ve joked many times that the MPA I earned in grad school doesn’t stand for Master of Pub Administration. I miss the ability to work to support causes that help the public good and look forward to returning to my passion, regardless of whether I remain in the private sector or return to the public realm. Molly does great work supporting those in need and our closure will mean that she can have greater focus and less distraction.

Warm Regards,
Jesse Cornett
Cheers, brother, may you rebound quickly and look back on this as a fantastic experience.


  1. Sad... and I saw a lot of community effort there as well.. great people, and a great idea. Location I guess.. but I liked it because I could park a couple blocks away quite easily.. just learned about the closing today... the last day.

    I loved the food.. everything I ate there was very good.. and the rare beer selection was great.

    Some rise, and some fall... and I have a feeling many will fall in the next 4 years. Trends, economy, and the people's lack of understanding their stake.

    Cheers, and all the best for future ventures.

  2. I liked this place. Spent a couple of good evenings there. I agree that location is probably part of the challenge. Good luck to the owners.