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Friday, December 02, 2011

Your Friday Bad Beer Quiz

Ignoring my warnings, a friend ordered a beer last night at dinner. It was a poor beer, but not without its charms. The bottle text was priceless:
"[Beer name]: superior malt, aromatic hops, yeast, and crystal clear water are transformed by the skill of the brewmaster into a beer fit for you, the connoisseur.

[Beer name] goes through a long and special maturing process. This gives [beer name] its full-bodied, malty taste, making it the only truly royal beer."
Anyone care to hazard a guess as to which beer my friend unwisely ordered?


  1. How was the Indian food last night?

  2. Flying Dog. Nope, that ain't right. Flying Horse, that's it. Another skunky Indian lager.


  3. Wow, 15 minutes was all it took. Nice job!

  4. Jeff,
    Your Saturday evening NCAAF Quiz:
    Who's your team in the 2012 Rose Bowl?

  5. Jack, really? I live in Oregon, but I bleed Wisconsin red--always.