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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fifteen Chapters in Seventeen Weeks

Having completed various stints of travel, I sat down today to see what remained on The Beer Bible front.  It's worse than I thought.  In my brain, I had a more leisurely stroll through the final chapters before this project is due in May.  In fact, it's going to be a sprint.  I had a similar scenario last year, and it was a seven-day-a-week slog.  Although I love blogging and do it for pleasure, I anticipate things will bottom out here until about April.  It means I will be holed up, not visiting pubs/breweries or responding in a timely fashion to emails or reviewing much beer or tweeting or Facebooking reliably.  I won't be entirely off the grid, but it's probably best to plan as if I am.

See you in April--


  1. What Jason said. Hope to see you out and about at some point.

  2. 15 in 17? You do realize you're insane, right?

    (Seriously: hang in there, good luck, etc. See you on the flip side, at which time, with any luck, I'll be back to blogging...)

  3. Pete, my maybe-last hurrah will be Friday at HAF. Going out in style!

    Maureen, believe it or not, that's slightly less crazy than the final sprint I had to do last year to finish the first half. And they're small chapters. (I'm Wile E. Coyote, refusing to look down. Just keep the legs going and I'll be fine.)

  4. Buffy the Beer Slayer11:05 AM, November 29, 2012

    Does the world need another Beer Book? What do you intend to include in this beer book that is new and fresh? Between Michael Jackson's Beer Books and about half a dozen World beer trek books, I really don't know what perspective or twist could make it more interesting, but I'm interested to know.

  5. I hope it does, Slayer. I'm trying to make an original contribution--you'll have to wait and see how I did.

  6. "I alluded to all this a couple months ago and speculated that it might affect my frequency of blogging. Turns out, I don't think it will."

    Famous last words, huh? ;)