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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Drinking With Dad Law?

With thanks to commenter Jack, this is a really fascinating development in Colorado:

DENVER — A Colorado proposal to allow people between 18 and 21 to drink alcohol with their parents is up for its first review.

The so-called “Drinking With Dad” bill from a Republican senator would allow parents to buy alcohol for their children at Colorado bars and restaurants if they were 18 and older but not 21 yet.

Sen. Greg Brophy is planning to introduce the bill on Wednesday. He says he thought of the proposal because he and his wife recently took their daughter to dinner to celebrate her 20th birthday, and she couldn’t have a drink with them.

A similar law exists in Wisconsin.
I had no idea.  A good idea?  Something Oregon legislators should take up?


  1. Similar law already exists in TX. That is why Johnny Football was up in the club drinking champagne after the Cotton Bowl. His parents were there too!

  2. Sorry for this 6 year old post's title. I recall there were a lot more laws in Wisconsin that were ahead of the rest of North America.

    Ontario's Liquor Licensing Act in section 30(13) has this dandy exception to the prohibitions against serving under 19 year olds:

    "(13) This section does not apply,
    (a) to the supplying of liquor to a person under nineteen years of age in a residence as defined in section 31 or in a private place as defined in the regulations by a parent of the person or a person having lawful custody of the person; or
    (b) to the consumption of liquor by a person who is supplied liquor in a manner described in clause (a), if the liquor is consumed at the place where it is supplied."

  3. Why not? I think it's a good idea. Hulk Hogan did this but his son was only 17.

  4. Absolutely. Our age 21 drinking laws are ridiculous (and pretty much unique in the world).

  5. I know that Ohio has this law in effect currently. At Miami University (Oxford, OH ... yes, OH) the parents come to drink with there children, and it is quite embarrassing. The parents gets more drunk then there fraternity and sorority laden children.

  6. It's good to see more states adopting this law. I know Texas has had a similar law for awhile. Though I don't often see many families taking advantage of the law. Not sure if they aren't aware, or if it's just a parental decision not to.