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Monday, August 26, 2013

"A Surprisingly Fruity Note Which Lingers on the Tongue"

Two of my very favorite comedies of all time came from the brains of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (and are channeled, winningly, through the boulder of Nick Frost's body): Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  When they added a third leg to the stool with World's End, I bellied up to the bar.  I would put it a notch below those first two (or perhaps it's just that this one is shot through with a melancholic sense of reality the others lacked), but it's got added pleasure for the beer geek. 

Off to tour the hop fields today, so don't expect a lot more content.  I'll try to tweet photos of lupulin pornography along the way, though, if you're interested (@Beervana).


  1. What a killer movie, I keep seeing the posters, haven't seen this- LOVE!!

  2. You've got red on your shirt.

  3. Loved the standardized pub reference. Totally experienced it in London eariler this year.