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Friday, December 27, 2013

I Have a Minor Complaint!

New Feature!
Old man vents spleen

As I enter the "honored citizen" phase of my blogging career, I think it's time to start reaping some of the benefits.  New for 2014* will be the feature "I have a minor complaint!" (or perhaps I HAVE A MINOR COMPLAINT).  Just as my aged forebears raised a gnarled fist against neighbor children everywhere, so too shall I roar ineffectually about small matters. 

The offending door, blurrily off to
the left in the far background.
To get things started, today's complaint concerns that wind tunnel Laurelwood calls a pub.  For those unacquainted with the facility, it has a rear entrance that opens into what amounts to a chute that empties out onto the bar.  On cold winter nights, when you've settled down with, say a nice gose to watch the Blazers beat the Clippers in overtime, it's damned irritating to have people constantly blasting you with arctic air.  Laurelwood, one of the most successful brewpubs in the US, could easily install a vestibule to prevent this or, if they were going the cheapskate route, at least put up some heavy curtains to slow the gales. 

[Raises fist in air.]  Arrgghh!

*Unless, due to encroaching senescence, I forget all about it.


  1. This is my girlfriend's biggest complaint. Put a curtain divider between the door and the bar. It's cold here, keep your customers there longer by making them comfortable and cozy. Atmosphere matters, too many places don't take this aspect into account when creating their atmosphere.

  2. You know, it's "honored citizens" such as yourself that give the business (if that's what it is because I'm not getting paid) of blogging a bad name. Always complaining about stuff. Oh wait, I complain, too. But I've reached curmudgeon status, so it's okay for me. You're not there yet. Give it a few years, son.

    I was sitting at the Laurelwood bar a couple of weeks back, sipping on one of Vasili's seasonal brews. A gal came in and sat down in the open chair next to me. Every time the back door opened, we were hit with a rush of freezing air. We started laughing about it and would brace for impact. If you're sitting in the main dining area, you get hit with blasts of air from the front door this time of year. Could it be fixed? Surely. Will it be fixed? You have to ask Mike. I don't think blasts of cold air are hurting their business all that much.

  3. Oh man. I already love this new feature. Seriously. Please stick with it. If anyone actually read my blog, I would have headed down this road years ago.

  4. I didn't notice this issue when I visited, but I'm guessing it was because I didn't take my jacket off! At least Laurelwood's beer makes up for it! Seriously underrated beer, at least in the Tacoma/Seattle area.