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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Brewers Association Unveils New Definition of Craft Beer

Since its founding, the Brewers Association has maintained an occasionally-revised definition of what a craft brewery is, and they've also run a campaign targeting "crafty" beers--but this is the first time they've dared to actually define "craft beer."  Have a look.
American craft beer is disruptive, impactful, and made by the right people.
  •  Disruptive: Like all revolutionary technologies, craft beer disrupts the dominant paradigm.  Craft beer disrupts the old definitions of beer and brewing.  It disrupts a drinker's expectations.  It disrupts the marketplace with innovation and originality.  After three imperial IPAs, it even disrupts a person's ability to find his car.
  •  Impactful:  Craft beer is bold, it's unexpected, it's radical.  Drinking craft beer is like getting punched by a stevedore. 
  •  Brewed by the "right" people:  Craft beer is brewed by the guy down the block.  Or possibly contract brewed by the guy down the block.  Or possibly by 243 guys on the other side of the country.  It might be brewed in a series of large industrial breweries as well, just not breweries that are too large.  It is never brewed by large Belgian-owned brewing conglomerates, but middle-sized Belgian brewing conglomerates are a-okay.  (Middle-sized Costa Rican conglomerates are not a-okay.)  Actually, we'll tell you who the right people are.  We keep a list.

I will say this: it's honest.  I'm not sure it will be a PR coup, but you never know.  I thought that "crafty" campaign was going to backfire, too.


  1. Yep. "We'll tell you who the right people are." And who they are may well depend on their financial support for the BA. In fact, the BA is a sort of parody of what it represents itself to be. But never mind.

    Nice work. And funny. You should possibly think about writing a kids book.

  2. I nearly went for it.... Happy April Fools Day....

  3. You know, part of me wishes they would just come out and say this.

  4. How did I miss this on Tuesday? Well done.

    I hope some brewer hereabouts will do an Impactful Pale Ale in honor of this post.

  5. Is it wrong that I agree with these definitions?

  6. I'll take an Impactful Pale Ale!