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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Lost Weekend

We glide now into those several days when humans bask in the sunshine, far away from the blue light of computer screens.  If you do happen to find yourself away from the yellow sun and staring into the blue light, I'll leave you with a couple of places to direct your attention.

Stan on Grodziskie
Stan Hieronymus has  made another trip to Poland and discovered signs of the revival, after a generation of apparent extinction, of a lost style.
I’m not sure standing in the middle of this brewery in waiting if it is easier to envision what it once looked like or what it will look like. Jan shook his head as we walked away, saying he couldn’t believe they’d be brewing only months from now. 
Go read the rest.

Reviews and More on Facebook
You may not be aware that there is a Facebook page for this blog--absurd as that is.  (It's like having a publicist for your publicist.)  It's not completely useless. We had a nice discussion there yesterday about whether crowdsourcing a new brewery was smart or offensive.  I have in the past and plan in the (near) future to review some of the beers I've been sent.  And sometimes members of the group post interesting things I hadn't seen. Facebook seems to facilitate discussion in a way that blogs don't always, so there's that.

Go check it out if you're jonesing for more random beer chatter.

Happy Independence Day--

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