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Monday, September 01, 2014

To Czech

No more than a couple weeks ago, I got an offer for perhaps the greatest junket imaginable.  Mark Dredge at Pencil and Spoon does work for Pilsner Urquell.  They thought it would be nice to have some writers come and check out the Saaz crop in nearby Zatec, and asked him to put together a list of folks.  When the invite came down I was relieved to see the schedule was open, and tomorrow I'm off.  I'll also see the brewery (again) and some other cool stuff.  I'll try to blog and post pics on Facebook, but it's going to be a blitz.  I'll be home Sunday. 


  1. Intercontinental junkets are the best. Enjoy!

  2. further, thought to ask ...
    Will you attempt to educate the brewery management on the wrong headedness of green bottles?
    Canned beer rules. O.K.

  3. Do they make any fresh hop beers in the Czech Republic? A couple years ago in Munich, I did see that Weihenstephan was making a fresh hop beer, but it was being released after we came back home.