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Monday, November 10, 2014

Two Oregon Beer Books

Two new books are arriving on bookshelves (just in time for the holidays) from local writers.  The first is a companion to Pete Dunlop's history of Portland beer: Bend Beer by Jon Abernathy (and a foreward by Gary Fish).  The second is the long-awaited guide to Oregon breweries called, well, Oregon Breweries by the peripatetic Brian Yaeger, just back from Amsterdam.  I have read neither book (Yaeger's isn't actually available yet), and yet having read Jon and Brian for years, I feel certain they are going to be worth owning.

By chance (or rather good planning), both will be at Belmont Station on December 6 at 5pm for a joint signing and beer-sampling event.  (And Brian's release party happens December 1, 7pm at Widmer.)

Look for the books and see if you can't spare the time to go congratulate them at the event.

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  1. Jon's book isn't really a companion to mine. We share the same publisher, The History Press, and the cover layout is similar. As you probably know, this publisher has a series (the American Palate Series) of books on American beer cities and, in some cases, states or areas. A book on the Willamette Valley (Salem and Eugene, I assume) is in the works. I have no idea when it will be published. Here's a link to the books in that series: