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Friday, August 28, 2015

Tracking the Fresh Hop Ales in Real Time

In years past, I have tried (and failed, in lesser or greater degrees) to keep track of the fresh hop beers that blossomed across the Pacific Northwest. Despite my failures, I always wished that someone would do this properly. It seems like a great opportunity for one of the tourist boards or the Brewers Guild to get a month of post-summer travelers to the state and really boost what has become the region's signature style.

Someone has finally done it! Meet Ryan Sharp of Bend, who has this detailed Google Doc that he is busy updating with all the beers as they come online. If you go over to column J ("release date"), you can do a sort so that it filters by date--allowing you to peruse exactly what's out there at the moment you are jonesin' for a green pint of fresh hops.

Thanks, Ryan!


  1. I realize I'm a beggar being a chooser, but... it would be awesome to have release date on the doc. I know some breweries essentially dry hop with fresh hops, so release date can be around a week from brew date. But, some breweries use them in the boil, and those would be several weeks from brew to release.

  2. Added a column for the state, so people can filter by that criteria as well as release date. Relatively few FH beers seem to distribute outside the brewery or specific festivals.