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Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's the Half Life ...

...on alcoholic sodas?
NEW YORK (February 25, 2016) – Today, Anheuser-Busch announced the upcoming launch of Best Damn Cherry Cola, the second national offering from Best Damn Brewing Co. Hitting shelves March 7, Best Damn Cherry Cola is aged on whole cherries after brewing for a flavorful, harder take on the timeless taste of cherry cola.

“Best Damn Cherry Cola continues to build our portfolio of bold, approachable and down-to earth beers,” said Rashmi Patel, vice president, share of throat, Anheuser-Busch. “We named our Cherry Cola mission, “Put a Cherry on Tap,” and our brewmasters have outdone themselves with this new brew: a delicious combination of cherry, caramel and cola notes.”

Anheuser-Busch launched Best Damn Brewing Co.—a brand platform with the mission to bring you the Best Damn thing you’ve had all day—in December 2015 with its first nationally available brew, Best Damn Root Beer. Best Damn Brewing Co. exists within the portfolio of Anheuser-Busch brands and leverages the talent of its brewmasters and its state-of-the-art brewing facilities across the U.S. to deliver great-tasting brews.
Where do you place the over/under on the Best Damn portfolio--two years? Eighteen months? I think I'd actually be surprised if this product survives to 2017. A year ago I'd never heard of Not Your Father's Root Beer and was blissfully unaware of the tsunami of dreck that was about to overtake us. But what comes in must go out. If we bear up for a few more months, this too shall pass.

Update. Another press release came across the transom after the one above and I am much more impressed with it.
On Sunday, March 6, join Hopworks Urban Brewery and Jack Jewsbury for the release of Captain Jack’s Lucky 13 Championship IPA! This limited NW Style IPA is collaboration with Jack, a member of our favorite soccer club and post-match patron of our brewpub. Jack will be at the pub to share a pint with fans after the first soccer match of the season.

The beer is a tribute to Portland's first soccer Championship. “Lucky 13” references Jack’s jersey number and his thirteenth year in the league.
Very cool. Now, who's going to get a Lillard Triple IPA going?

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