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Monday, April 04, 2016

Beer Bible Wins an IACP Award

I'm far enough out of the foodie loop that I'm not sure this is even a big deal--though my normally quiet editor sent me an email with the news, decorated with a number of exclamation points. (It's from the International Association of Culinary Professionals, and they hand out awards for cookbooks and food writing each year.) Here's her photo:

Anyone out there know how happy I should be about this? If a Beard award is akin to the Oscar, an IACP award is ...? (The Corvallis Board of Film Reviewers Awards, probably.)

(And yes, I will knock off the self-promotion already.)


  1. It's a big deal -- the Chicago Tribune is featuring one of their writers who won, and she is a pretty big deal in the field.

  2. Errr ummmm ahhhh how happy should you be that a book you spent a loooong time putting together won an award? How happy....huummmmm how happy...

    FREAKIN ELATED, I'd say, since it's a pretty solid accomplishment to have a published book at all, let alone one winning awards.

    Congratulations, it's definitely a winner! I'm looking at my signed copy right now (it doesn't go far from my reach).