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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Just IPAs on Tap?

This is worth, barely, a Saturday post. I was just emailing with Zach Beckwith, brewer at Three Creeks, and I was inspired to see just exactly how many IPAs were on tap. I used the not-random selection of taplists available in the right-hand column of this blog. I really do need to add some more of our finer pubs to that list, but it should suffice for now. Using an extremely generous definition of IPA (basically anything with notable hop character, including pale ales), here are the number of IPAs pouring at this moment in these pubs in Portland, OR. Most of these pubs do serve cider, and I did not exclude them from the calculation (because if anyone hates the prevalence of IPAs, it's cider drinkers.) Make of it what you will:
  • Apex 21/50 (42%)
  • Bailey's 6/26 (23%)
  • Beermonger's 4/10 (40%)
  • Belmont Station 12/24 (50%)
  • Hawthorne Hophouse 9/22 (41%)
  • 15th Hophouse 9/24 (38%)
  • Horse Brass 26/68 (38%)
  • Roscoe's 7/20 (35%)
  • Saraveza 5/10 (50%)


  1. Imperial Tap Room usually has 20-25% IPAs. Usually 4-5 out of 20 taps are IPA or pale ales.