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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The Year in Pictures

A look back at my perambulations over the past year. This may or may not be the final year-end post--even though we're trotting merrily into 2017. (Click any photo to enlarge and get an (uncaptioned) slide show.)

When AAB's John Holl visited last year, we
toured Cascade. Ron Gansberg started pulling
out treasures from the cellar--and even the
brewers were impressed.

A cold, wet night in January--from inside
the warmth of Pints Brewing.

The dog of the pod making a homebrew
appearance. (He's Patrick's.)

Junket #1 in 2016 was a trip to Ireland to meet
Michael Ash, the man who invented
at St. James Gate. (Mr. Ash
died six weeks after this photo was taken.)

One of the many Irish pubs I visited.
Locals call these "boozers."

The Beer Bible picked up an IACP award
in April. (Yay!)

On junket #2, to Carlsberg, I got to meet
these two blogging giants in the flesh.
(Martyn Cornell, left, and Ron Pattinson)

The cellars underneath Carlsberg. Which led to
more Carlsberg blogging.

Pete Brown (L) and Stephen Beaumont (R)
at War Pigs in Copenhagen.

Bavik's brewer Yves Benoit points out a nuance
of his beer to 10 Barrel's Whitney Burnside.

Probably the less said about this the better.

Block 15's Nick Arzner zwickling some aging
spontaneously-fermented ale.

At De Garde in Tillamook.

The annual hop-picking at Lucky Lab. That's
Nicole Kasten in the center.

Fresh hop season is upon us!

Wayfinder opens. No beer yet, but sky-high
expectations. (Food's spectacular.)

Some folks from Harpoon made a trek to
Portland this year. Here's CEO and
co-founder Dan Kenary with John Harris.

A Thanksgiving stopover.

At Novare Res, an amazing pub in Portland,
Maine. (I didn't add the googly eyes.)

My best beer shot of the year.

Sioux Falls, SD, where I attended a book

On the occasion of one of the
Beervana Podcast's finest episode.

We talked a lot about New England IPAs
this year, didn't we?

Happy 2017, everyone--

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