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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oly Commercial

Here's another in what will constitute a short series of old beer ads. I've scoured the net, and so far have failed to come up with some of the classic Henry's and Rainier spots. Nor the "I seen 'em" ads from Oly. But here's a precursor, a headwaters, if you will, of the water that begat the artesians. (The embedding was disabled, so you just have to click on the picture.)


  1. Anyone remember the old Henry's (I think - maybe Blitz) ads where the Oregon cop/ranger stops the Californians from smuggling their beer into Oregon through the woods saying something along the lies of "Where you goin' with that beer, boys?" I have never been able to get that hook line out of my head, but I have never run across these ads since I saw them as a kid.

  2. Yeah, I've been trying to track that one down, too. Somewhere, there's a guy with a whole bunch of very old VHS tapes in his garage with Duck games and these commercials. I gotta find that guy.