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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Two Doggone Good Events to Note

Two things to put on your calendar.

First, this weekend, the Lucky Lab is hosting its 8th annual Barleywine tasting. Thirty beers from 24 mostly regional, breweries (which means--yes, vertical tastings!). Relevant facts:
Barleywine Tasting
Noon-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday, $1.50 per 4-ounce taster.
Lucky Lab - 915 S.E. Hawthorne
Also, Hair of the Dog brewmaster Alan Sprints is hosting a beer dinner at Jake's on March 11th. Sprints is planning a four-course meal to go along with five beers. You have to call ahead and reserve a place, and they run your credit card when you call, so have it handy. Relevant facts:
Brewmaster Dinner, Sunday, March 11, 6:30 pm
$39.95, includes gratuity
Jake's Famous - 401 SW 12th Ave
(503) 226-1419


  1. Jeff...

    just to note. Lucky Lab told me, they're not calling a Barley Wine fest, but a Strong Ale fest. They will serving RIS and some Belgian's too.

  2. Hmm, why do they list it thus on their webpage? Curious.

  3. That was my question. I noted that they ahd Rssian Imperial Stouts and Belgians on the tasting list. So, I emailed asking about the RIS/Belgian angle. They explained it's really a "Strong ale fest."

    After coming back from the BW fest at Toronado in SF with 54 BW's. A few RIS and belgians in the mix doesn't bother me, but it is a misguiding Title.

  4. Jeff, how do you find out about all these awesome HOTD events? Is this one open to the public?

  5. You are mistaken about the address: The HOTD dinner is at 12th and Stark. The phone number is 226-1419.

    I also understand that Alan is holding a dock sale on Earth Day (March 20th)

  6. Dave and Suds Sister--I got that off the the Brewcrew listserv (Google it), and people were reporting that it was happening at both places. I took a guess based on a report from someone who had actually made a reservation. You may have to try both to nail it down. (Obviously, I haven't signed up!)

  7. I made a resrvation, that's how I know where it is.

    If I may be frank--what's the use of your website if the info is incorrect? Have some standards!

  8. If I may be frank--what's the use of your website if the info is incorrect? Have some standards!

    Frank is an odd name for a woman. And I resent that--I do have standards, low standards.

    (Text corrected.)