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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Welcoming Doctor Wort

I am feeling a little cramped for time right now, so it seems like a good opportunity to direct you to Dr. Wort's Buzz-erk Beer Blog, which, at the tender age of five weeks, is humming right along. He has a nice post-mortem on the recently deceased Rose and Raindrop--as good a place as any to dive in:
They had an auction of all the décor--Beer engines to the coat rack! I bid on quite a few things, but in the end, people over bid me… $200 for a working beer engine didn’t cut it!

I tried to clear the top shelve of beer bottles on that day, but it was coming to an end. A pub that toted a huge metal Chimay hanging sign in the interior of the bar, came down to their last bottle of Chimay (the last keg had run dry three days before). I said, “the last bottle of Chimay at the R&R?. I’ll take it!” And with that, they brought me a dusty bottle of 1998 Grand Reserve Chimay! Had to be the best Chimay I ever had. Owner Tom and bartender John signed the last bottle of Chimay for me....
Go say hi.

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