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Friday, March 02, 2007

Stouts are Tasty

I have been remiss in touring beer blogs lately, for otherwise I would have known about this "beer blogging Friday" business (which beats Friday Cat Blogging by about 47 miles). I suspect I will not join this effort, for I am neither very good at timelines nor interested in group efforts. Today beer bloggers are supposed to be touching on the subject "Not your father's Irish stout," and from that title you can see from whence comes my reluctance. (On the other hand, I actually was in strange synchronicity with the effort when I posted, two days early, on Roots' imperial stout).

Therefore, a haiku instead, with an effort to at least nod in the direction of the Friday beer bloggers. I calls 'er "Stout."
Irony: black, cold,
wet Oregon winters warmed
by pints of liquid black

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