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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cool Site

I was looking for a decent photo of Roots online (not available, holler if you've got one) and stumbled onto Cyclotram. It is not, properly, a beer blog, but atul666 does post regularly about beer. Here's his [her?] review of the Organic Fest, complete with beer notes (indictating a high geekiness factor) and pics, which I didn't really have. There's also other interesting, non-beer posts like this one about Block 47 in Portland, which the blogger describes:
Right across the street from the convention center, at MLK and Holladay, there's a weird little half-block, landscaped as if it was a park, but unmarked, so you can't be sure whether you're visiting a city park, or trespassing.... It's owned by the PDC, and although it sure looks like a regular park, it's (supposedly) only temporary. As soon as the PDC finds a sufficiently well-heeled crony who wants to build here, poof, no more "park". Or that's the theory, anyway.
So, since I'm still working on the other post, you can go check out this blog.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, thx. for the linkage. Did anyone happen to try the Fort George entry at the organic beerfest? I forgot they were local and ignored them, and then I was in Astoria this morning and found their building, but didn't have time to stick around until they opened. So I still haven't tried their beer, although I've read positive reports about their IPA.

    Oh, and it's "he", FWIW.