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Monday, June 04, 2007

Pub Photos

I have added a set to my Flickr account containing grainy, sort of crappy cell phone photos of the pubs I have been to recently. They include ones I've used in reviews of other pubs as well as these new ones from a recent visit to the Chapel Pub--newest in the McMenamins' chain, and new home to their office.

At some point soon I'm going to pick up a digital cam and the quality should improve markedly, though I actually think there's something charming about the low-res quality of cell-phone photos. On mine (an older Razr), it tends to really wash out at the edges. Reminds me of a Super 8 movie I shot when I was younger--the crudeness added some visual interest. Anyway, here's the Chapel Pub:

That last one is an especially bad shot, and I normally would flush something of that quality, but you get a sense of the artisinal light fixtures they have there, suggestive of the whimsy and attention to detail for which the McBrothers are rightly praised.

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