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Thursday, July 19, 2007


I stumbled across an ad last night for the newest in a long string of half-assed industrial beers aimed squarely at the 21-year-old set: Miller Chill. (Which is charitable; many high school parties will no doubt feature half racks of Chill.) It follows in the long line of alcohol products for people who don't like beer--wine coolers, alcopops, Zima, etc. Although the non-malt beer substitutes irritate me, not so much as when a venerable old brewery like Miller succumbs to a purely commercial faux beer like Chill. Witness the new ad:

Ad copy:
Introducing and unexpected new twist on cerveza: Miller Chill, the refreshing light beer brewed with a hint of lime and salt. Inspired by a Mexican recipe. It's beerveza, brewed for a new level of refreshment.
Uggh. What an embarrassment.


  1. Jeff - You may have given me the push I need to try this beer. New Mexico was one of the test markets and I had a chance to try it in New Mexican restaurants (certainly some of the target audience is Hispanic) but didn't realize it was about to become an overnight sensation.

    I keep thinking I'll be able to order a bottle when dining out (versus getting a 6-pack in the store) but the last three tries: just ran out, don't carry it, will have it tomorrow.

    I feel I should taste it before talking about the flavor.

    A gimmick counting on a lot of marketing support? I suppose so, but it already has supermarket shelf space equal to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Pretty scary.

  2. Finally a gateway beverage for 19-year-old girls to bridge the gap from Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill to Low-Carb Old Latrobe Green Light! I for one welcome our new salt-lemon overlords.