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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Notes on OBF Coverage

I plan to get a post up tomorrow about the OBF reax from around the blogosphere. Things are really starting to hop blogwise, and there's an impressive array of posts commenting on the fest. Won't happen until the afternoon, though.

Also, just a question: was this the best OBF you recall? That's really my impression, but maybe I've gone soft in the head. Even the beers that didn't quite work were impressive failures (the imperial wits, for example). It seems like breweries are finally starting to get that this is a fest to showcase their mad brewing skills, not a marketing opportunity for their latest half-assed commercial endeavor (Mac's and BridgePort take notice).

Anyway, more tomorrow. . .


  1. Hi Jeff, nice blog. Well, I thought this was the best OBF I've been to, but it was my first. For some reason we've always been out of town this weekend. I'm making a promise that won't be the case in the future.

  2. Please direct your BridgePort concerns to Mr. Carlos Alvarez at Gambrinus in San Antonio, TX.

  3. Bridgeport please take notice. They were easily my first brewery crush. It pains me to see them releasing ever more boring beers and not taking any chances on special releases.

    I know they got the chops for greatness, they just never seem to do much with them.

  4. It was my first OBF and I enjoyed it. The Thursday morning Brewers Brunch and parade to McCall were a lot of fun. The media tasting was a little haphazard, but I'm glad I got to take part. Overall, I thought Thursday and early Friday were great, but when the crowds started to hit later on Friday afternoon, I'd had enough. Can't imagine how packed it must've been over the weekend.

    Wasn't completely wowed by too many beers, but I had a handful that I really liked. Got to get posting.

  5. As I wrote elsewhere, this has to be the most blogged about festival ever - which is great.

    Since I wasn't there I can't comment on the "best ever" but I am glad to see brewers making an effort to bring something special.

    You might find the comment here interesting:

    It compares OBF and the Great Taste of the Midwest, which is my favorite festival.

  6. I agree. Brewers do best to bring something unique to the festival, not something you can easily find at the supermarket.

  7. Interesting how many first-timers there were. I wondered if this venerable old event had begun to lose some of its attractiveness. Good to hear it's still drawing new folks--and, I hope, delivering on the promise.

    It was the most blogged-about event I've seen in the beer world. Further evidence that it's still the biggest game in town. (Maybe you folks from NM and parts east should come out and visit us next year!)

  8. Just read that comment about the comparison to the Midwest fest. Everything the commenter said is true--but keep in mind that the OBF is one of only four major brewfests in Portland: Holiday Ale Fest, Spring Beer Frest, and Organic Beer Fest (not to mention the International Brewfest). At those others, the lines are shorter and the brewery presence greater. The OBF is definitely its own thing--which is nice because diversity is a good thing.

  9. This was a "line" on Saturday afternoon:

    OBF Beer Line