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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Traveling Pub

This is extremely cool: Deschutes is building a traveling pub shaped like a great big beer barrel:

(The actual thing in construction)

(Artist's rendering)

From a press release by the Brewer's Guild:
Deschutes Brewery is rolling out the barrel and introducing a new traveling pub to share their signature pub culture with the rest of the Pacific Northwest. The custom-made truck-sized wooden barrel was created by renowned Hollywood designer Eddie Paul and will be stopping in Portland before heading north to Seattle as part of its new Neighborhood Hops Traveling Beer Festival.
Bad news? It came to Portland two days ago. Sorry, I was on the road and not keeping up on the really important stuff. No doubt there will be other opportunities, however. (Hat tip: Belmont Station.)

[Update: More here, here, here, and here, including a better picture in the latter three.]

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