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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Honest Pint in WW, Elsewhere

Willamette Week has a story out today with some interesting info on the question of the cheater pint. (I spoke with the writer about it last week.) I'm trying not to wear out my welcome on this issue, but there's some value in it. In particular, there's this nice detail:
Several Portland restaurant-supply companies say most of their customers buy full-size pint glasses. For instance, Tom Rose, of Rose’s Equipment and Supply, says his company has sold 526 cases so far this year of 16-ounce glasses and only 73 cases of the 14-ouncers.
The story also has some info about state legislator Brian Clem's thoughts on a policy fix:

Clem, who is “not a huge drinker,” tells WW he doesn’t envision a statewide force of “beer cops” armed with measuring cups.

Rather, he hopes the industry can be persuaded to help pay for an inspection program, assuming that an “honest pint” certification could provide a marketing opportunity.

“It might be a tourism thing,” says Clem. But merely ensuring that beer drinkers get a fair deal? “I don’t think the industry’s going to be into that.”

The Clem proposal “might be something we would be interested in doing, but I never know what our members are going to say,” says Oregon Brewers Build Director Brian Butenschoen.

All interesting, methinks. But this piece I could live without: Jeff Alworth, a Portland State University researcher and “beer blogger” who founded the “Honest Pint Project...” "Beer blogger"--I been dissed! (Writer Corey Pein later offers more substance to my bona fides).

Elsewhere, thanks to that Wall Street Journal piece, others across the country are starting to take action.


  1. Inspection program? Cool, Jeff can pay for it.

    Bottom line: a Libbey 16 oz. mixing glass can hold 16 ounces of water. What else matters? You need to call out those a-holes who use 14-oz cheaters and call them pints, but the rest of this nitpicking is counter-productive, IMO.

  2. For the record, Jeff, I think that being a beer blogger is about 1,000 times cooler than being a blog blogger.

  3. i'm getting really tired of all these Honest Pint posts. :P