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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

(Yet) More Honest Pint Project in the News

To my regular readers: sorry. I know that this is becoming exceedingly tiresome, and I have no doubt that the story's about to die. But since it hasn't yet, I'm still riding it. Writers for online editions of the Baltimore Sun and Portland (ME) Press Herald are asking their readers if they are seeing fishy pints out there.

From Maine:

This begs the question, anyone seeing anything fishy around these parts? Funny glasses at Sebago Brewing? Foam overload at the Great Lost Bear?

I should point out that I'm not making any accusations, just simply asking the question that could be on a lot of people's minds.

Is this bar trickery? Bad business tactics? An assault on the freedom of beer drinkers everywhere?

Sound off!
From Baltimore ("Ballmore," to locals):

The 14-ounce glasses have a thicker bottom, so they give the appearance of being an honest pint. Defenders of the practice say (a) nobody wants that much beer, and (b) that with the climbing cost of beer, this is a way to deliver a glass at the same price.

It seems to me if someone wants less than a pint, he or she could order a half pint.

This caper reminds me of the great candy bar wrapper trick. The size of candy bar is shrunk but the wrapper remains large. It is dishonest. Agree?

Anybody seen any of these so-called "cheater pints" or "falsies" in our area?

Does anybody actually take the time to measure how much beer is in his glass?

Part of the reason I'm mentioning this is because it's exactly what I'd hoped to see--growing awareness that this heretofore clear volume might not be as clear after all. Makes me think I oughta get a website for the Honest Pint Project up and running. Hmmm.....

(Oh, and lots of blogs got interested in the story, too. I guess the WSJ has a better reach than this blog.)

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