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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is this Portland, Oregon?

What the ... ?

[Update. I just took the car out to run errands. The snow is still adding to modest accumulation (3 inches, four?), but the roads are fine. Main thoroughfares have a dusting of gravel, but it's not necessary; as long as the snow's falling, there's lots for tires--even those without studs or chains--to grab onto. Grocery stores are open and doing a bang-up buisness.]


  1. I'm buried out here in the burbs. In fact, I just saw a guy buzz by my house on an ATV.

    Perfect excuse to stay inside and sample something special from the cellar.

  2. I think we got a lot more accumulation in Mac than PDX did. It's all iced over now. Reminds me of my hometown - Flagstaff, AZ.