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Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Drag

By coincidence, the winner of the blogger-sponsored international photo contest, UK edition, was this photo:

Stonch, the UK host, described the photo thus:
It's by James Sakal of Colchester, Essex, and is entitled "The Last Drag". It was taken in The Hand in Hand in Brighton days before the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces took effect in England. Many people think the ban has had a disastrous effect on pubs. I'm still in favour of it, but it's difficult not to feel nostalgic when you seen an image like this.
On that note, John reports that Hopworks' Ben Love is rallying smokers to the Horse Brass tonight. Days of nostalgia, these. Go forth and smoke, ye of the tobacco-stained fingers, and raise a pint to days passing.

[Update: Dave Selden made the cut into the final bracket for the American side of the awards.]

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