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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bravo to Hot Lips Pizza!

[The post has been updated.]

A wonderful surprise arrived in my email account a couple days ago. Behold the very first fully authenticated Purveyor of an Honest Pint: Hot Lips Pizza. In accordance with the certification process, Hot Lips has sent in a photo with the glass, the amount of beer poured out of that glass, and a clearly-recognizeable shot of the establishment:

It's worth noting that Hot Lips has a great taplist. I work a couple blocks from the downtown outlet, and though they only have a half-dozen taps, they're extremely well-selected.
  • SE Hawthorne at 22nd
  • Downtown/PSU, SW 6th and Hall
  • Pearl District, NW 10th and Irving
  • Civic, SW 18th and Morrison
  • 33rd & Killingsworth
Go forth and patronize this Certified Purveyor of an Honest Pint!

Update. My able web professional SM has updated the official website for the Honest Pint Project. As I get officially certified pubs online, I'll include the certifying photograph on the site, as is the case with Hot Lips. These photos serve as authentication in the case a certification is ever contested.


  1. that is cool...Hot Lips rocks.

  2. added:

  3. Hot Lips fills growlers, too. $11 (not a great price -- $12.38 six-pack equivalent -- but not as bad as some places).

    Hooray for the Honest Pint Project!

  4. That's enough to make me go out of my way for an outing just because they did that. That's cool that they fill growlers too.. didn't know that! Thanks Hot Lips!

    Now if Laurelwood would just do the same, and have that growler price or lower! ;-)

  5. DOSiR, let me point you to my map of Portland Growler Prices. Laurelwood does have a lower growler price: $10.

    Speaking of pizza and beer, Hopworks will fill your growler for $5 when you get a large pizza to go.

  6. I went and picked up a couple slices today. Double Mountain IRA, Terminal Gravity IPA--how can you go wrong?

  7. I thought it was $12 and $16 w/ the bottle.. perhaps I am wrong... still the brew is darn good.

    Thanks for the list! And I keep meaning to check out Hopworks! So much beer and pizza.. I may end up getting fat and I will blame all you guys! lol

  8. Yet another reason Portland is one of the best beer cities -- local pizza chains serving great brews in honest pints. In most other cities I've been to, small pizza shops normally just carry macros.