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Monday, March 23, 2009

This Damn Poll

Charlie Papazian continues to flog his "best beer city" poll on Twitter, and Asheville has yet again pulled out in front. I wouldn't bother with it too much except that he's going to use the whole Beertown fiefdom to promote the city with the highest vote total. I know, I know, it's absurd. Fully three-quarters of the votes are for either Asheville or Portland. That right there is a perfect example of why online polls are idiotic. Just get a bunch of your homies to vote and you can heavily skew the results. It is far from "scientifics."

But damn, since we're getting our homies to vote, why is Portland still trailing? Vote, Portland homers, vote!


  1. What's the point? Do have to grab at these little Brass Rings?

    Check out the Doctors new Post. I'm sure some people will not understand where he's coming from... but there's an important message in there...

    People may have to drop their defenses and think about the big picture.

  2. 8 PM.... Still behind Ashville by 195 votes.

    Funny... Other cities can't even be bothered! :-O


    Portland Population: 575,930
    Ashville Population: 73,875

    What does it all mean??? ;-}

  3. DW: I'd guess it means that only the people of Ashville and Portland are foolish enough to believe that winning a silly online poll will make their city the best beer city in the country. But thanks to your population statistics, we can at least conclude that the people of Ashville are the more foolish per capita. ;-)

  4. AC: It's Ashville, NC.... Do they have running water and flushable toilets?? ;-}

    That to me is the funny part!

    Portland is a major metropolitan area on the (supposedly) free-thinking, forward-thinking West Coast. Yet, they're worried about competing is this "Yahoo" stupid little poll to drive home the fact that "We're number one!" They're competing against a little po-dunk town in Ashville, NC and arguing with them!!! :-O

    BTW... for those locals that are fretting about their ranking in the poll...

    1147 - Ashville
    954 - Portland

    Oh my! That little Po-dunk little town may win! What will we do?

    Whimper, whimper, whimper....

    (Speaking like a child) "Well, we don;t care anyway! I'm taking my toys and going home!"

  5. Oh boy!!

    Those with low self esteem rejoice!

    Portland have pulled ahead in the polls! A possible MAJOR win in the poll! Wow!

    1704 = Portland
    1291 = Ashville

    No other major city gives a crap to even submit votes, but Portland has pulled ahead of ASHVILLE!

    Everybody should be so proud! It's like stealing candy from a baby! Everybody feeling better about themselves??? Maybe we can all survive another day!

    This whole thing gets more funny by the day!

  6. You know Doc, I don't know anyone as touchy about social mores as you. You spend a HUGE amount of time trying to figure out the pecking order--always, it should be noted, with yourself in the position of judgment. I guess I just don't see the world as a scrum between people trying to cobble together a tiny shred of coolness. Kids drink PBR--doesn't mean they're making a grand social statement. Sometimes a PBR's just a PBR.

    People vote in stupid polls. I assume no particular motivation on their part other than home-town boosterism.

    In other words, maybe ... chill?

  7. Jeff,

    Life and society are full of pecking orders... There is no way to deny it.

    I KNOW where I fit into the pecking order and can SEE where others fit into the pecking order. Are you uncomfortable with your place in life's pecking order? ;-}

    I'm always trying to figure YOU out... I think you're smart enough to find the humor in this redundant poll. You've even stated it! How could you not see the humor in this polls response?

    98% of the possible BEER CITIES just don't care about this poll. Big cities, small cities and 98% of ALL! But! Portland wants to beat this tiny little spit on the map called Ashville, NC... which isn't even a threat to Portland's beer status. The poll in ridiculous, but so in fight to win.... It looks desparate!

    Local pride has it's place, I have local pride in our local scene. It's like being proud that your kid got an "A" in Math. You're proud, but other kids get an "A" too... and if you gloat about your kids "A".. You just just like an ass...

    My opinion? YES!

    Obvious? Absolutely!

    I'm having a field day with this stupid poll! We all should be able to laugh at ourselves and this is a perfect chance.... Hell, I even voted for Portland! Does that make me just as pathetic?? Who frickin cares!!

    It' "satire!" That's a word found in the dictionary between Sasquatch and Syphilis.

    I have to go.... There's some boys wearing White Sheets over their head looking for me!!! :-O