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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

These are the kinds of things one could tweet, I suppose, but I'm old school:

1. Last night I strolled past blossoming plants to on my way EastBurn for a pint of $2 beer. (Ah, Tuesdays!) While I enjoyed the February spring, I was alarmed by its early arrival (folks at the Japanese Garden say the cherries there are blooming 2-4 weeks early), and so was comforted to later find myself at the bar with a pint, the Blazers playing on the wall to my left. I haven't sat at the bar before, so I wasn't really clued into the idea that all beers are $2--including canned Pabst tallboys. Three or four times during the two pints I sat there, a 20-something sidled up and plopped down a Tommy J in exchange for a Blue Ribbon. I looked down at the oak-aged Arrogant Bastard I was drinking and was no less confused than earlier, when I beheld the new blossoms. Is it possible that people actually prefer Pabst? Can't be.

2. I believe someone circulated the good news about Liberty Street's honest pint certification below, because I got a raft of traffic this morning, along with some comments. Among those comments were a couple that criticized the brewery for serving beer not to their liking. Such as:
The beer really is bad. Generally flat and warmer than it should be. I know this is the way of the UK but we're not there. I'm a big fan of microbrews throughout this state. By far Liberty is the most dissapointing. I had high hopes too.
Hopes are variable. Reading this, I hope to someday find a reason to get to Detroit.


  1. Warm? Flat? We get our precious moments with that one from time to time.

    Have I ever offered my thoughts on beer reviews?

  2. "Is it possible that people actually prefer Pabst?"

    Only for those who aren't in the know and don't care to know.

    OTOH, more good stuff for us! All hail for breaking beyond the boring and the adventurously inept!

  3. It might be he prefers lagers to ales and there are precious few microbrewed lagers....

    Go Heater Allen!