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Monday, February 22, 2010

From the Larder

Apropos of this review of Jubel 2010 over at the New School, I was reminded that I had a couple bottles of Jubel 2000 in the basement (authenticated with their patina of dust). But I wonder, reading both those reviews and the brewery's "try after" date--should I wait a year or two to do a side-by-side tasting? Probably.

This post was, of course, really just an excuse to show off my cool treasures. Not that I was fooling anyone...


  1. Shouldn't you really put the 2010 down for 10 years, and then do a side-by-side of the 2000 or 2010?

    Very cool thing to have in the basement. I'm jealous.

  2. I could spare one for a tasting in a year or two and save the other for a tasting in 11 or 12. At which time I'll be 54. (!)

  3. To do a true side by side, you have to taste the 2000 now and secure in your mind what it tasted like for 10 years, when you can taste the 2010 under the same conditions.

    Better yet, just drink it all and call it good.

  4. Pat's right, it might go south like that Bobby Dazzler and then you'll regret it.

  5. I'd down them both... if you can get past the first one. I will guess it is past it's prime.. but I still await to see if my predictions are correct. Perhaps I am wrong, and it will be the nectar of the broads.

  6. Tell you what. Send one to me and I'll let you know. This way you won't have to be disappointed if it's no good.

  7. Dosir,

    We opened a bottle last year (late 2009-if only we knew to wait a couple of months) and the liquid inside has held up surprisingly well. It was oxidized but not overly papery. I thought it better than the 2010 - a great smokey quality abt it, and certainly better than what I expect the 2010 to be in 2019. That said, it won't survive another 10 years.

    (Drink it sometime in the next 4 years would be my bet)