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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Only Gathering Strength

Some days there's just absolutely nothing beer-worthy to report. This is one of those days. Plus, I've got to do some house painting before the heat arrives.

Maybe someone will buy MacTarnahan's today and I'll have something to blog about this afternoon.


  1. Short term memory loss??

  2. Dr. Wort:

    We love ya for your sense of humor. I believe that Jeff was suggesting that yet another buyer would purchase the brand from NAB, not forgetting this deal in the first place. That's how I read it.


    P.S. I thought you were waayyyy too easy with readers who think that Oregon produces 4-5 perfect beers. Crazy talk.

  3. @Patrick

    Thought I was too easy on the Perfect Beer thing? I basically said, Media people (many bloggers included) really don't have enough beer or brewing knowledge to judge a quality beer from a non quality beer. They just have crude guttural reactions to flavor sensations; "THIS is hoppier than that," "That has lots of Grapefruit!" They wouldn't know 20L Carastan from a 120L Carastan to save their life. I've judged with or had friends judge with these people, trust me, they can't judge a beer.... Although, they can be rather humorous trying... ;-}

    4-5 Perfect beer in the NW? Jeff said Michael Jackson rated about 19 perfect beers in the world... Even if there are 50 perfect beers in the world, I HIGHLY doubt 4-5 are in the NW... Not worth arguing.

    BTW... I understood where Jeff was going....