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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Texas-Fried Beer [Shudder]

Submitted without comment:
The State Fair of Texas has announced the finalists for the 2010 Big Tex Choice Award. We all thought last year's winner for Most Creative -- deep fried butter -- was wacky. But how about fried beer? That made it into this years list of finalists -- here's a Morning News story that tells it all. Fried beer, in case you're wondering, is actually a beer-filled pretzel pocket. The beer that oozes out when you bite it, apparently, serves as a dipping sauce.
You need to be 21 to buy it, though one wonders what kind of terrible violence leaves a beer to ooze--and whether any alcohol can survive such an ordeal.

Let Texas keep its fried beer; I'll take one of Beervana's finest--chilled--instead.


  1. I grew up attending the Texas State Fair every year (we got a day off from school and free tickets each year!) and sampling the many things they attempted to fry - Oreos, Twinkies, Snickers, sticks of butter. I always used to read the new thing they had decided to fry up and it always sounded nasty but it usually tasted good. So, I will have to get recon from my Texas peeps before I write off the fried beer. I doubt they are using a good TX craft beer like St. Arnolds or (512) Brewing though.

  2. I growed up attending the Great State Fair of Texas many times every fall. I lived within walking distance. I left Texas before odd fried food became the thang. But, I et many a corn dog. I eat breaded fried okra at every opportunity.

    My early beers were Lone Star, Pearl, Falstaff. I recently had two different types of Shiner beer; not too bad. Nowt to write home about.

    My beer allegiance is firmly in the Pacific NorthWest.