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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Larry Sidor Leaving Deschutes

This is huge news, and a serious blow to Deschutes brewery. From a press release:
Deschutes Brewery announced today that Larry Sidor, Brewmaster, is leaving the company at the end of the year to pursue a lifelong dream of starting and running his own brewery. Sidor has been at the brewery for eight years, following 23 years at Olympia Brewing Company, in development and production at a Yakima hop dealer and creating a small winery.

With Sidor at the head of the brewing department at Deschutes , the company has added many new brands to the portfolio including Hop in the Dark, Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale, Inversion IPA, The Abyss, The Dissident, and several barrel-aged specialty beers. Sidor will continue on at Deschutes Brewery through the end of 2011 while the company integrates a new brewmaster over the next several months.
This is a pretty big deal. Larry Sidor has done as much consistently good work at Deschutes in his tenure as any brewery in the country. Deschutes has been on a growth spurt powered in no small part by the raft of fantastic beers Larry's put out (which the list only starts to hint at). The brewery will thrive without him, no doubt, but let's not downplay this news: Larry's a massive, massive asset, and he will be missed.

Of course, as beer drinkers, were can be excited by the prospect of what he does next.


  1. Yeah, think of the bright side! Most of the recipes will still be made, probably correctly, at Deschutes--but now we'll get a whole new set of different beers, somewhere!

  2. I really, really enjoyed Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale. It is an exceptional beer.

    I was crestfallen to learn it was a seasonal offering and no longer available.

    I look forward to what Brewmaster Sidor produces under his label.

  3. Wow. Being of big fan of this brewery's products, I'll be doing a little QA (before and after) to see if the product changes. Black Butte Porter is still my number one. Keep up the good work guys.