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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Any Theories?

Give it to Redhook--they're definitely willing to try unorthodox marketing techniques. Take for example the package I got yesterday. The brewery is entering expanding their line in the lucrative 22-ounce bottle market, and so they sent me a Pilsner, ESB, and IPA. That makes sense, but then what to make of this waist-high distressed-steel sign they also tucked in with no explanation. (Click to enlarge; those are the 22s in the picture, to give you a sense of the scale.)

Let's make a game of it. Aside from the obvious--but not quite persuasive--explanation that they sent it to me to get a blog post out of it (there's gotta be far cheaper ways to get press), why did they send it?

I will say this; it's pretty cool. I wouldn't have minded distressing it myself over the course of the next thirty years, but that's a small quibble. As brewery swag goes, it is the largest and most interesting piece I've ever received.


  1. its pretty cool but what I REALLY need is a neon bar sign

  2. Redhook has made 22s for a long time, they just changed the label. The sign they sent you is the new label.

  3. Jeff,

    Yeah, I got one of those too. Before I could even ask, my wife said, "Not in the nursery." So, now the plan is to use it as a magnetic board in my brewing area. Toboggan is another option.

    Beer and Coding

  4. Anon, good catch. I've made an adjustment. I think actually they're expanding their regular line--or maybe it is just the newly-labeled regular line--into 22s. Here's the press release:

    "That's why Redhook is launching additional beers in the 22-ounce bottle size."

  5. I call that dysfunctional branding. It makes a point, but you aren't quite sure what the point is...well, Anon pointed it out. That's a piece of true marketing genius.

    There's more to this story, of course. The CBA has been recruiting for a Redhook Brand Manager for several months. Looks like they need to move that process along.


  6. Put it up in the garden somewhere. It'll weather beautifully.

  7. I saw Redhook Pilsner only once at retail during this calendar year. After the single sighting [in early Spring, in Salem, Ore.], I sought it to no avail.

    I look closely whenever I see Redhook beer; but, the Pilsner sighting was one-off.

    Don't know what it means.

    More American craft lagers would be welcome, to me. Fortunately for me, several Colorado craft breweries include pilsner in their year-round beers.

  8. I know a pub that will let you store that sign free of charge;-)

  9. I have a theory why they sent the sign, but I will need to read your reviews of the beers to test the theory.



  10. @Jack: We just received the Pils and Longhammer in 220z bottles today at Belmont Station, so they should be rolling out all over PDX in the next few days. FWIW, they seem to be targeting Pyramid 22's by pricing them to hit the shelf at under $2.50 per bottle.

    I had a bottle of the Pils this spring when they released it. I don't recall being overly impressed (especially at $8.50/6pk), but for $2/bomber I'll probably suck down a couple during this heat wave.