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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Is This Good?

An exclamation-pointy text came this morning with news that the Beer Tasting Toolkit had been featured in Parade Magazine, that trashy supplement to Sunday papers:

Where's the New York Times when you need it?

Update.  Okay, I guess Jack (in comments) was right: Parade gave this a bump.


  1. I just saw it in the breakroom at work before logging in. Let us know if there is an uptick in purchases in the coveted 50-88 yr. old demographics.

  2. I reckon it is very good.

    Please report back to the readersphere in a couple of quarters.

  3. If it gets people to buy the thing, why not?

  4. Consider this,
    o the readership of the Parade Magazine is reportedly 69 million; 53% of which are reportedly female [36.57 million].
    o If 1 in 100 purchase the 'Beer Tasting Tool Kit' as Father's Day gift, that is 365,000 sells/recipients. [I call that educational impact.]
    o If 1 in 100 recipients converts to local craft beer to the extent they drink 2 pints a week, that is an additional consumption of 1.533k barrels of beer.
    Which exceeds the 2011 sales volume of Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen [Bellingham, Wash.]

    What's not good about that?

  5. Jack, based on your comment, I went and had a look at Amazon to see the sales rank. It's currently the 790th best-selling book, which is more impressive if you consider there are millions of books for sale on Amazon.

  6. Well, Bravo! Now you know that at least one of those spam emails your PR firm blanketed the world with fell on fertile ground. Any idea what your Amazon rank was before the Parade article?

    I assume Page 1 of the Toolkit directs them to the Beer Review Generator?