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Friday, June 15, 2012

Score One For San Diego: White Labs Opens Tasting Room

As an inveterate homer, I am loath to even acknowledge the existence of White Labs when we have Wyeast here in Oregon.  But today I come not only to acknowledge the yeastery, but praise it. For this is rockin' cool:
White Labs Pure Yeast and Fermentation announces its White Labs Brewing Co. Tasting Room officially opens this Friday, June 15.
 (That's today, incidentally.)  It's a magnificent concept: 
The White Labs Tasting Room, unlike any other, offers a continuously-rotating menu of 35 taps pouring experimental beers brewed on site.  Instead of crafting the same pale ale that is always available, White Labs instead may feature ten different pale ales simultaneously, brewed to the exact same recipe, except for the yeast. The following week, beers on tap might include a similar number of stouts, Pilsners or IPAs.
Photo by Yelp member April M.

For example, you can have a gander at the current taplist, which at the moment features two IPAs (English and regular*), hefeweizen, red, and mild.  I have myself wanted to run these kinds of experiments in the home brewery, but it would require a lot more organization that I normally manage, and would add a lot of time and effort to a batch of beer.  If I lived in San Diego, I could just go down to the tasting room, lay down five bucks, and glean the same info.  (Not that I would cop to it, but probably the brewery at White Labs produces more consistent beer for comparison purposes than I do.)

San Diegans, go down and sample a flight for me, will you?  I shall live vicariously through your reports.

*A joke for our English friends.


  1. ......and.... Wyeast?

    Why loath? It's just yeast and it all makes beer. It's not Ashville. :-0

  2. Such an amazing place. I am still in shock that such a dream actually exists - if I had the means and money, I would open up a bunch of these places across the country.