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Thursday, July 26, 2012

OBF (Liveblogging?)

In a few moments, I will begin walking with the ceremonial parade that is the kick-off of the Oregon Brewers Festival.  In this moment, I have every intention to try to put the iPhone to use and do some liveblogging, but you never know.  The spirit of the OBF is not one of diligence and labor.  In any case, if you're down at Tom McCall Waterfront Park on this lovely Portland day and see me, say hi--

1:23pm  #Fail. Actually, it's AT&T, which has me on the E Network. Spotty blogging to follow. However, a couple beer notes. Big winners: White Light/white Ale, which instantly gets cred for VU reference. Despite what the program says, it's made with white pepper and malted wheat (Flat Tail's Dave Maliave said). It rocks. Occidental's Kellerbier is sublime. I also really liked the Gigantic hop bomb Dynomite is old-school huge.

1:54pm (Yes, that last sentence was gibberish.) Uinta's Hop Notch is very nice.

9:22pm Ah well, you didn't really want any liveblogging anyway, did you? 

I made it home safely at least, and after a fine meal at House of Louie.

1 comment:

  1. Overloaded network down there makes phone use sketchy. I found nothing was going through very well. But there were some good beers.