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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Whipped Cream and Stout

Last night Sally ordered cake.  I'm not a cake guy, but a glass of stout for dessert seemed like an excellent idea.  Off to the side of Sally's cake--the far side in this picture--was a dollop of whipped cream.  I idly scooped it off the plate and tried a sip of the stout.  Amazing.  Not that a serious beer aficionado like me would ever recommend such a thing, but you could actually serve stouts with a whipped cream head, ala Starbuck's.  Could.  Apostasy and all that, but...


  1. Are you kidding? One of the best deserts I've ever had occurred upon ordering a root beer float. Discovering that the root beer fountain was broken, but noticing the beer list, we ordered a bottle of Old Rasputin and scoop of vanilla ice cream each.


  2. It's curiously like the french fry in the milkshake concept LOL. What would you recommend for NERDS? Would love to consider ideas...many feel we just wouldn't drink beer. let alone alcohol, but they are wrong...

  3. Pix has been serving a stout beer float for some time. They're hardly beer slouches, either!

  4. After drinking a bunch of iced coffee with cream, my eye fell on some pumpkin ale and vanilla porter I happened to have in the fridge, and on my big container of whipping cream, and I thought… Hmmm. So I googled beer and cream and found your blog.

    I'll be trying some beer experiments. Besides, way back, when I grew up, we had some red wine and cream dessert too….